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Andrew Haveland-Robinson Pg. Dip. MIT


Budapest, Hungary


+36 30 223 2158




General Information

I was born into a family of musicians, entertainers and inventors to whom I owe much of my musical and technical aptitude, skills and creativity.

I currently live in Budapest, Hungary where I work here mainly for my clients in the UK, and learnt to read, write and speak Hungarian fluently within 2 years.

I like travelling and experiencing new cultures and in addition to all the EC countries I have visited the USA a few times, Iceland, Morocco, Tunisia, Romania, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia. I have driven to the Czech Republic and Budapest from England several times to stay with friends. I plan one day to drive across America and back through Canada.

Hungarian is my second language, with a basic knowledge of German and French.

I was invited to play four piano sessions on a live Hungarian Saturday night television show in July 2001 and interviewed in Hungarian. This was quite scary, but I'm glad I did it! I was then asked to do another show, and was repeated on TV a few times.

My hobbies include off-road driving, Hungarian café society, playing jazz piano in local bars and dining out. I also enjoy windsurfing, sailing, kitesurfing, and once jumped off a 2,500m mountain in Slovenia with a paraglider — I’d recommend it to everyone. It’s safer than flying kites, as I once got seriously bruised on a Welsh mountainside while being dragged over rocks by a kite half the size of a parachute!

When on the ground, I enjoy programming in Perl, PHP, MySQL, ASP and learning new things like XML.


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