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Andrew Haveland-Robinson Pg. Dip. MIT


Budapest, Hungary


+36 30 223 2158





I am an IT consultant with a wide background in many computer and media related disciplines. I am especially experienced in administrating Windows NT and Linux systems, multimedia/Web/HTML authoring, Perl/CGI programming, 3D graphics and animation, electronic publishing, illustration, MIDI programming and music composition. I successfully completed a postgraduate course in Music Information Technology specialising in digital audio sampling and MIDI applications programming at City University, London in 1987.

I now run a small web hosting business in Budapest as Linux/NT administrator and web/database programmer.

Previously, I worked as a consultant to Cap Gemini for four years, designing, developing and administrating some of their internal Internet and intranet systems.

While working for Cap Gemini, I moved to Budapest for personal reasons in 1999, and maintained my commitment to the organisation. Now I’m looking for new business opportunities, as I work easily for my clients from here remotely over an ADSL connection. In addition, I learnt Hungarian fluently in less than two years, something that gives me great pride!

I also work as a principal consultant/programmer with Metal Minds Ltd. (, and other notable work involved producing a web presence for an optometry magazine (

I am dedicated to solving clients’ problems and have been using the Internet and related technologies since 1989 for communications and formed a number of strategic partnerships with other individuals and companies.

I am a Microsoft Certified Product Specialist, and have written articles and reviews for national computer magazines and composed music for jingles, games and multimedia applications. I also have a deep technical understanding of the processes and inner workings of disk operating systems and hundreds of different software applications and tools.

At City University London (1987) I specialised in MIDI and digital audio system design and real time assembly language programming, and worked in the music industry for one of Peter Gabriel’s companies repairing synthesisers and audio equipment.

I then worked in the City of London’s financial institutions doing word processing and desktop publishing until joining Micrografx in December 1988 to provide European Technical Support for their graphics applications. I quickly became fluent with Windows and their products and started trading as Haveland-Robinson Associates in April 1989.

I have a network of 4 powerful UPS-backed-up NT servers on a 100mbps network, with 200Gb storage and an IP masqueraded ADSL connection to the Internet.

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