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Piano for a customer Reticulated Universe
A raytraced piano keyboard Another raytraced piano keyboard,
a frame from
A tangle of 30,000 rainbow spheres A mathematical supercoil
made into 10,000 postcards
DNA molecule Bucky Ball
Stereo DNA molecule
(Cross your eyes and focus
on the 'middle' image)
Logo design for an Internet provider
Time-domain Fourier voice print
of Captain Kirk's communicator
Where Superman lives!
An experimental wall-fixing
rendered for a product brochure
Cutaway view of same wall-fixing
shown in use
A neighbour's 3d yacht made from
2d plans, and rendered with POVRay.
Heightfield of Turin Shroud for
"In Whose Image", Bloomsbury Press
A polygonal rendering of the earth
using the Vivid raytracer
Heightfield of the Earth

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