500 Megabytes
Web Space

Haveland-Robinson Associates has been trading on the Internet for over 12 years and provides hosting and Internet consultancy services world-wide.
Host your web sites offshore for a fraction of your current costs on our secure servers.
Our managed servers are in Budapest, Hungary, and easily accessible.
Our knowledge, skills and experience ensure that you get excellent value for money with the best support.
We provide you with 24/7 assistance - your success is our success.
MySQL database support, Perl and PHP5 support.
We supply a full SSH2 shell and CGI scripting.
Mail system employs mail scanning, and spam filtering.
All incoming and outgoing mail is scanned for viruses.
Mail forwarding, Mail to SMS forwarding.
Firewalled, SSL tunnelling for secure mail transport if necessary
Web statistics updated 3 times per day.
Custom configurations and good old-fashioned personal service.
Cost: 200 EUR per year.

Current Client Hosts

Manhasset Bay Shipyard USA
ArtWall Bed and Breakfast USA
Belimpex Systems Corporation USA
Belwood NY USA
The British Flute Society England
Brotherhood of the Coast USA
Deal Xpress Hungary
Lambrook and Haileybury School for Girls and Boys England
Metal Minds Ltd. England

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